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The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR

Founded in 1925 by business leaders, entertainment figures and politicians, the Los Angeles Breakfast Club is the weekly gathering place for those seeking camaraderie and those who love the history and culture of Los Angeles.

Jul 1, 2017

In the sixth episode of "The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR", we welcome new announcer Marc Hershon, we take the podcast time machine back to the 1930's to hear then Secretary of War under FDR (and former Governor of Utah) George H. Dern as well as then governor of Missouri Guy B. Park, and we recap the happenings of June at the Democracy of Ham 'N Eggs and preview July. All that, plus an interview with club secretary Erynn Petrulis, a musical performance by Doug and Mandy Lacy, special appearances by Joanna Linkchorst and Sandi Hemmerlein, Lily Holleman with her monthly report and Reverend Barbara Adams paying tribute to a fellow breakfast clubber as she takes us down the path that leads to our continuing "Adventures in Friendship". Join host Phil Leirness as the 1930's, taxidermy, emergency preparedness, the Marx Brothers, neon art, and "Clifton's Camera Girls" are just some of the topics discussed.