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The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR

Founded in 1925 by business leaders, entertainment figures and politicians, the Los Angeles Breakfast Club is the weekly gathering place for those seeking camaraderie and those who love the history and culture of Los Angeles.

May 31, 2017

The fifth episode of "The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR" covers a lot of ground, and spans a lot of decades, in an effort to capture the indelible charm of "the little club time almost forgot and that the decades can not improve." The episode features a performance by Don Snyder of a Cole Porter classic, as well as the vocal stylings of club president Lily Holleman, belting out an ode to California. An interview with the club's resident chaplain, who also serves as the Treasurer of the LABC charitable foundation, Reverend Barbara Adams, will provide us all with the opportunity to become better acquainted with this amazing lady. And rest assured, she also offers up another presentation to aid in our continuing Adventures in Friendship, one that ties in quite nicely with the historic radio clips from 1933 we have chosen for you this month. Host Phil Leirness, along with some audio excerpts from the meetings in question, recaps a busy month at the club, including hidden treasures available for L.A. pedestrians, a landmark building in Washington, D.C. that is home to the International Order of the Eastern Star, and restored architectural icons right here in the City of Angels. Lily previews what everyone can look forward to at the Shrine of Friendship in June, and we welcome a new sponsor and say goodbye to our announcer, Pete Handelman.