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The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR

Founded in 1925 by business leaders, entertainment figures and politicians, the Los Angeles Breakfast Club is the weekly gathering place for those seeking camaraderie and those who love the history and culture of Los Angeles.

Aug 12, 2020

Thanks for coming back for more "Ham an' Eggs in the Age of Covid-19"! For the 5th consecutive month of life during the pandemic, we depart from the normal structure of our audio time travel expeditions into the history, happenings and colorful characters that comprise the now 95 year story of the one and only Los Angeles Breakfast Club ...

Esteemed Master of Ceremonies Richard Gilson gets things started in his inimitable fashion, introducing Erynn Petrulis, who welcomes all within the sound of her voice to the Shrine of Friendship. 

The Orville Knapp Orchestra performs many songs in a clip from 1934, including one of their best-selling records! August Birthdays are celebrated. Then host Phil Leirness makes the rounds of the various Breakfast Club tables, starting with the dais table and Chairman of the Board Jonathan Reich, who takes us down the path that leads to our continuing "Adventures in Friendship" by describing how we have all become "Disney Princesses".

Phil then drops in at the nurse's table, where he interviews the aforementioned Erynn Petrulis, who offers heartfelt details about her struggles with pandemic shelter-in-place and the lessons those struggles have taught her. The Konrad Monti smoking section's Mickey Corcoran reveals big personal news. The 60's Mafia table's Bill Siefke talks about the travel biz and realizes he has been sitting at the wrong table all these years. Finally, the terrific former Hanna-Barbera animator Dawna Berger rounds things out by making all of our lives a little bit brighter.

You will learn things you never knew about these people, you will hear heartening tales of how they are embracing these challenging times, and you will enjoy a lot of laughs. It's a bonus-length episode, because frankly, we all deserve a little bit more audio ham an' eggs!