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The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR

Founded in 1925 by business leaders, entertainment figures and politicians, the Los Angeles Breakfast Club is the weekly gathering place for those seeking camaraderie and those who love the history and culture of Los Angeles.

Oct 31, 2017

In episode 10 of "The Los Angeles Breakfast Club: ON THE AIR", we hear ghostly tales from authors Charles A. Coulombe and James T. Bartlett, we hear jokes courtesy of Breakfast Club emcee Richard Gilson and show host Phil Leirness, we hear plenty from the Roosters and we hear two musical performances from the Don Snyder Orchestra. We travel back in time to 1935 to hear Captain Dudley S. Corrette describe the mysterious land of Ethiopia and Colonel William Easterwood describe the threat posed by the aviation force at the disposal of Benito Mussolini. Contemporary highlights include photographer Annie Lasky talking about her book The Wilshire Slides: a Mother & Daughter Kodachrome Adventure, author and filmmaker (and good ham 'n egger) Steven Smith discussing legendary film composer Bernard Hermann, Nuria Haltiwanger and Steve DeWitt of ACS infrastructure celebrating the restoration of downtown L.A's beloved funicular Angels Flight, and Reverend Barbara Adams discussing imagination and creativity as she takes us down the path that leads to our continuing "Adventures in Friendship." All that, plus an interview with the longest-tenured member of the Los Angeles Breakfast Club, Dr. Jim Whitney, club President Lily Holleman with her monthly report, and intrepid announcer Marc Hershon keeping the show on schedule!